There in Spirit


There in Spirit


My home group is my life. Everything has to fit around that, else I would not be here today. Getting a strong home group, a sponsor and some structure and working through the Twelve Steps of AA.


Recently I became very ill, which has meant I have not been able to get to meetings, which I really miss. But I have been doing everything I else I have to do on a daily basis, keeping in contact with my sponsor and my fellows, just a phone call or a text message.


I can still be there in spirit, laughing, joking, sending messages to my fellows to say hello. I get visits from my fellows, my family. They are my friends. We laugh, we joke, we talk about the meeting and the program. I can still work my program, read my ‘Just for Today’ card etc, even though I have not been able to leave my bed or my flat for 8 weeks.


I have had highs and lows, but I have never felt like a drink. Now that’s a miracle for an alcoholic like me, because before I came to AA something like this would have been all about me and I would have drank over it.


But during this tough time I have been in hospital and still been able to pass the message on, to try and help others.


People have said to me: ‘How have you coped?’ It’s God, having a strong Step One and handing it all over to God – Step Three. My friends and family have been strong and helped me too.


I hope to be back soon. Road to Recovery is my home. Knowing you are all there makes things a lot easier to cope with. To know I am still at my home group in spirit is great, to do my service from home, to be kind and loving towards all.


Thanks so much Roadies, love and God bless. Think of me … laughing!!!



                                                                                                                              Di, Road to Recovery, Plymouth