Born in India in 1931

Born in India in 1931, the days of “the Raj” 2nd daughter of an army doctor. I had 4 brothers and 1 sister. There was serenity, discipline and lots of love, best food and comfortable dwellings, never over indulged with material things, one present each at birthdays and Christmas and made to clean our own shoes daily, in spite of many servants.

Alcohol was part of food, as children we were no encouraged to drink. In 1948 we were repatriated to the UK and I commenced nurse training in July 1948. I was married in October 1952 and had my two children before aged 30. The next 20 years saw a return to nursing and my husband retired form the fire brigade.

On 30.06.95 I retired from nursing and looked forward to the rewards of dedicated service to nursing and my father’s words ringing in my ears “Work hard and the rewards will come”. It did not. My husband’s health was deteriorating and any energy he had was dedicated to feeding our 2 marmalade cats. Simultaneously a family member was admitted to rehab for alcoholism. I went to hell and back watching, praying, hoping for a full recovery after 2 years thank God and Alcoholics Anonymous this has come to pass. My husband had a heart pacemaker and oblation and is now so fit and well that he took me to Italy on holiday.  AA has saved my life; given me back expectations of a good life.

I am old enough to be the grandmother of most people at my Home group but I meet up regularly with lots of them. I am a happy member of the class of 2004, we have watched movies together enjoyed breakfasts and enjoyed nights in eating chinese takeaway. I have even enjoyed shopping trips into town with the new teenage friends i have made, friends which i never thought possible. 

I attend my home group and feel at home knowing I am accepted and understood there better than anywhere else in the world. My sponsor, an inspiration and ever present help in times of trouble. My gratitude has no bounds my loving farther in heaven (higher power) is back stronger than ever, I know if I do these simple things every day all will be well.

Nov 2008