Christmas is Coming – bring on the booze!

I don’t miss drink at Xmas at all. In fact I haven’t missed it since doing the 12 Steps many years ago. I live by what the AA big book says, that if I’m unable to live around alcohol “there is something wrong” with my “spiritual status”. For many years now I’ve bought in beer and champagne to entertain my guests at Christmas. I’ve served cool beers, spilled champagne over my fingers as it overflows from cups. I just don’t notice.

That’s the power of the Alcoholics Anonymous programme. Freedom. Not will-power, or resistance, but freedom. The will-power application comes in, year after year, Xmas after Xmas, continuing to place the AA programme a high priority in my life.

So I raise a glass (of diet coke) to all my fellow AA members out there. May your Xmas’ be many, and your alcoholic drinks be none. I look forward to Xmas every single year. I hope you do to.

Road to Recovery Group, Plymouth