Dark Tunnel of Turmoil

I Was just pondering for a moment, reflecting over the nearly ten years of being an alcoholic. How I recovered from an illness or mind and body, an illness that took me to hell and back. I was in a very dark tunnel of turmoil, drinking my self close to death as we do, sleeping in old buildings and around the back of shops down the back streets of Plymouth with addicts and other drifters.#

Life was going downhill fast.

I had been to AA before but wouldn’t chuck in the towel.

Anyway I walked back into the only meeting I know that would be a sufficient substitute for the hell, I was in Rtr.
I Got a Sponsor, a Big Book, and we worked through the 12 steps, step by step and “wow” the desire to drink went fast.

I thank my God for the life I have today with all my heart.

I didn’t skimp on the mortar when I put down the foundation of the building I would construct over time, the cornerstone was in place,

A profound change in direction, an archway to living sober.

Through some hard times the loss of my dear mum. My sponsor was by my side and my higher power, working with others, carrying the message to the alcoholic still suffering.

What a thing, bless all in the fellowship I still crave and truly feel grateful amen.
Steve N, Road to Recovery Group, Plymouth, May 2020