Diana’s Step 4

Diana's Step 4

Hi I am Diana and I am an alcoholic. My own experience of step 4 is I got step 1, my sponsor took me through the first 3 steps and I felt something changing, then she gave my step 4 to do. She spoke clearly to me how I should tackle this step. She also gave me some of her own experiences and so I embarked of step 4. She suggested I do an hour a day and start from my earliest memory to present, which I did. I did it in 3 columns- resentments, fears and sexual conduct. With the help and guidance of my sponsor I wrote it all out and she checked it from time to time to see how I was getting on with it.

With the help of a good strong sponsor and a home group I got it done. It was a heavy weight off my shoulders when I let my sponsor know I had finished. She suggested I look through it and check it over for a week, and read through it just to make sure there wasn’t anything I had forgot.  I was then ready to take step 5- where I read it out to another person – my sponsor – and my Higher Power.

May 2013