great things will come to pass

Great events will come to pass🙏

Never in my wildest dreams did I dare to hope! However, I went through the steps, fearlessly and thoroughly, and the miracles started to happen. Listening to my sponsor’s guidance. I have managed to build a relationship with my Mum, Brother and family! Incredible as that seemed to me 2 years ago.

However there are mountains, and then there is Everest. I walked away from my Daughter aged 2, she has never known me, judged me from newspaper clippings and hearsay, well what else did she have? Nobody in her life was in mine. I became so distant that nobody knew if I was alive or dead.

I wrote to her at Christmas, with the aid of my sponsor and my Mom and Brother. Today I spoke to her, 24 years later. Lauren had many questions that I answered. Instead of telling me I was pathetic or repulsive, she thanked me for being honest. Wow.

For the first time in her life I had been honest. It felt good, I felt great and she wants to build on this thimble of hope. The same thimble given to me at my first meeting. All through honesty.

That hope has grown, for me it is obvious the best days of my recovery lie ahead.

I am truly grateful, not just for me, but for everyone that puts the action in and gets what I have got. Grateful, for the Big Book, strong Sponsorship and a fellowship that stands shoulder to shoulder with me.

I thought this a pipe dream. AA and my home group has changed my life, better yet it has changed my whole perspective on life.

Gary S, Road to Recovery Group, Plymouth.
January 2021