Matthews Isolation

My name is Matthew and I am an alcoholic.

Living in isolation, blackouts and fare removed from reality. Trapped in my alcoholism and loneliness like no other. I knew my drinking needed to stop and I became aware that not just my life was unmanageable but my mind was unmanageable to. I tried different ways to control my drinking and my mind, but nothing worked. I lost all contact with friends and family and was isolating myself.

When I first walk into an AA meeting I could see and feel a sense of peace , freedom and fellowship. My arrogance still was denying me to accept my current circumstance but I went to meetings and listened and was told to get a big book, sponsor and be guided through the 12 steps.

The more I attended meetings the more I opened up and the more confident I became. The fellows at the meetings were friendly and welcoming and listened. I allowed my self to listen and take guidance from recovered alcoholics.

I worked the steps and become myself, a better version of myself. The group allowed me to be me. They accepted me and my faults. They watched me grow and develop inside and outside the group.

I am who I am today because of my home group, I understand the word home group this is were I feel at home, my home group has watched me and guided me through some lows and highs.

I will always be thankful to my home group and give back to them as much as I can to show it respect and be in the centre of it because that’s were I feel safe and at my best.

I will always owe to my home group , thank you.

Matthew W, Road to Recovery Group.

January 2020