Space Cadet

Space Cadet

The FEELING of being rocketed into the fourth dimension can sometimes FEEL different to orbiting the earth and discovering the adventure of life.

I've seen many people like myself over the years excited at discovering little more than the launch pad. I've watched and enjoyed listening to them share the thrill of lift off into a new and wonderful world.

It has often seemed that they have a better QUALITY of sobriety or a deeper spiritual life than mine.

I have heard much better SPEAKERS, listened to more intelligent or nicer people than myself who have kept me excited about Alcoholics Anonymous.

The truth is that most of them crashed and  FEW of them are still sober! So why am I still here marching and what have I learned?

As much as I still love hearing some young hot shot with a few years screaming out their view from the rocket (and I really do), I am more impressed with somebody who has travelled further for longer. Those who after years of discovering  often through good and some times through bad but just keep going.

While the crowds wave and cheer from the launch pad, those I look up to are quietly from a distance still providing others with the flight plan called "experience."

So keep walking the road.
WP, 21/6/12