The Gift of Recovery

                 The Gift of Recovery 

I just could not do life.  I used drink to deal with everything; good and bad. Due to the progressive nature of this illness, my life was getting rapidly worse. I was quickly nearing the gates of insanity or death. When I first arrived at Alcoholics Anonymous I was sceptical. Although I did not like the meetings, I was absolutely desperate for a solution, so I kept attending.

At the time I had been sober for few months, but was finding my life unbearable. My head raced uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop analyzing everything and I was self-centred to the core. Definitely what you would describe as ‘restless, irritable and discontent’! I soon realized that this recovery was available to me too. It was possible for me to recover and start to live life on life’s terms, without drinking. I asked another recovered alcoholic to Sponsor me and was given simple daily suggestions to do. I immediately got started on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. As a result, I have had a spiritual awakening and found a God that I am comfortable with.

It is amazing to have recovered from this hopeless condition of mind and body. I am back in society, working once again and even getting married! However, I am fully aware that what I really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition. Now I have a programme to deal with all the highs and lows of life. I have peace of mind and direction. As the Big Book promises us; life has taken on a new meaning.

I am living in a different world today. This is a gift, but in order to keep this gift I must keep giving it away to others. I can do this by serving my home group and working with newcomers. If you are new to A.A. and feeling as hopeless as I did – good!

Get a Sponsor, a copy of the Big Book and work through the programme of Alcoholics Anonymous and you can have this life too!

Nick D, Road to Recovery, Plymouth

Sept 2012