The Knock-on Effects

I met the mother of my son whilst in a dry house in 1996. My son was born a few years later in 2000. He became a talented schoolboy boxer, had twenty-odd schoolboy bouts, beating some of the best kids in the country.

Myself and his mother split up when he was six years old and she’s been drinking and using ever since. His half-brother is doing a thirteen year prison sentence for armed robbery, and his half-sister has just completed a sentence for drug-dealing. I done my best to guide him but when he was twelve years old, I drank again. I thought I was hiding it from him, while dragging him around with me getting hammered. At fourteen years old he decided if his role model can drink so will he. he spent three years smoking, selling weed and getting drunk. He quit boxing and lost direction in life.

Thanks to AA and being a member of the Road to Recovery group, for the last three years, not only have I got my own life back on track, but so has my son. Scott is now a fully qualified bricklayer and working full time. His mother is still bang at it, refusing any help. He’s never been arrested, is kind, considerate and has a good nature.

Since I’ve started working a program, he’s been back at the gym with me. Tonight he sparred for seven rounds with a lad who’s won two national Titles and he held his own. I am very proud of him but none of this would be happening without AA and my home group. I do service and try to carry the message as best I can. Thank you for helping me get my life back: the knock-on effects on our children are clear to see 💚

SD, Plymouth Road to Recovery Group