How can I best serve my Homegroup?

‘How can I best serve my Home Group?’ I ask my Sponsor and my GSR.

Not like the early days when, as a newcomer, who new jack shit about how service should be conducted or staying clean and sober, I would think that I should be GSR or at least secretary of my group, believing that I could do a much better job than those with experience in the post.

How deluded and insane I was, with my track record of commitment, responsibility and employment – or lack of it.

My Sponsor, who has a wealth of experience at all levels of service, pointed out my arrogance and other glaringly obvious defects of character, and told me to ‘shut up’.

He demanded (some liberal minded folk like to call this a suggestion) that I follow the experience of the member rotating out of the service position and to read the group service guidelines, and only after completing the role should I suggest ways to improve it.

Recalling the experiences of always screwing up in the past when doing things my way it made sense to follow my Sponsor’s direction.

What a relief it was that I no longer had to try and run the whole show, following direction proved to be the easy option for me.

My Home Group did eventually ask me to perform several service positions when I was finally able and ready to fulfil the group’s requirements.

To say this was a privilege would be an understatement; I have mostly enjoyed my time in service and found it to be a challenging experience. I have at times been asked to do things that I have felt uncomfortable with and that went against the grain, but these have proved to be a time of both spiritual and emotional growth.

Thank you to my God, Home group and Sponsor for allowing and trusting me to be of service.

Dec 2009