RtR – Concepts checklist

Road to Recovery Group, Concepts Checklist

Con 1 =

Does our Group have an adequate understanding of Conference and its history?

Do we ensure we  send a GSR to Intergroup?

Do we send a GSR to the Pre-Conference meeting of the Region?

Con 2 =

Do all members of our group have the opportunity to contribute to its conscience?

Does our group take responsibility to ensure it is informed about Conference actions?

How does our group prepare its members to become good Conference Delegates?

Con 3 =

Do we allow our group officers  their  “Right of Decision”?

Does our GSR exercise their Right of Decision at Intergroup? Or do we expect them to check everything out with us?

If a trusted servant exceeds their “Right of Decision” do we ignore it or bring them to account?

Con 4 =

Do we understand that only members of our home group have the “Right of Participation” in our Conscience meetings?

Do we understand the spiritual principles underlying the “Right of Participation”?

When several members of the same group are elected to do service at Intergroup do we try to take their votes away, through fear that one group could control things?

Con 5 =

Do we allow all members to express an opinion, even if it feels uncomfortable? And are we prepared to reconsider when we hear a well-reasoned minority?

Does our group understand that we have a duty to Alcoholics Anonymous to forward minority opinions?

Do we treat those who forward minority opinions with respect or do we constantly interject, "tut" and dismiss them as trouble-makers?

Con 6 =

Do we know who our Region’s trustee is and how to contact them?

Do we carefully consider who we nominate as our trustee or do we put forward  anybody that wants the job?

Do we rubber stamp all candidates or are we prepared to say "no" when somebody is unsuitable?

Con 7 =

Do we understand that Conference is the ultimate authority and can instruct the GSB to take certain actions?

Do we understand that the GSB have legal obligations?

When something vital is at stake are we afraid to use the “power of the AA purse”?

Con 8 =

Do we understand the meaning of "custodial oversight"?

Do we understand the relationship between the GSB, GSO and Share Magazine?

Do we know who the principle planners of overall policy and finance are?

Con 9 =

Do we use and understand the spiritual principles of the “Third Legacy Procedure”?

Do we choose a GSR who has an understanding of the AA literature and who will not be afraid to speak up? Or do we elect somebody because we think it will be good for them and we don't want to hurt their feelings?

Do we lead by example and do more than we expect others to do?

Con 10 =

Do we understand the difference between "ultimate" and "delegated" authority?

Are we afraid to use ultimate authority when delegated responsibility has gone wrong?

Have we allowed those we hold accountable the required authority to do their job?

Con 11 =

Do we remember and practice the principle of rotation?

Do we put forward suitable candidates for GSB subcommittees?

Do we understand why we have non-alcoholic members of the GSB?

Con 12 =

Bill W. believed the Warranties were so important that to change them should require the written consent of three quarters of all AA groups. Do we know that they exist?

What is the Conference Charter?

What are the Six Warranties? 

July 2014